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Tech Troubles: 9 IT Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

If you work in the IT industry, you're likely familiar with the abundance of funny stories that circulate. The best ones usually involve a harmless misunderstanding that leads to a good laugh. Recently, we've been browsing through some blogs and stumbled upon a treasure trove of such tales. Here are 9 of our favorites for your enjoyment.

1. The “Broken” Printer

In an amusing twist, a user reported a malfunctioning printer. The source of the trouble? The paper was still in its packaging when loaded into the printer. This comical situation exemplifies how sometimes the most basic oversights can lead to unnecessary IT tickets.

2. False Sense of Security

Highlighting a surprising lapse in judgment, an end-user, who was also an IT manager, had set their password identically to their username. It turned out in a meeting and everyone was pretty shocked. This story serves as a humorous yet startling reminder that even tech experts can occasionally overlook fundamental security practices.

3. The Mysterious “Any” Key Dilemma

A well-known funny story from tech support is about a user who got confused when told to 'Press any key'. They couldn't find a key labeled 'Any' on their keyboard. This story is often told to show how people sometimes take computer instructions too literally.

4. The Unattended Laptop Prank

In a playful twist, a user complained about being “hacked” because their computer played the Game of Thrones theme song at startup. The culprit? A colleague who tweaked the sound settings on an unattended laptop. A humorous reminder of the importance of device security in the workplace.

5. USB Confusion

A user lodged a complaint about a non-functioning USB drive, only to discover they had plugged it into the ethernet port. This mix-up amusingly highlights the confusion that can arise from the multitude of similar-looking ports on modern devices.

6. The Fort in the Office

An accountant made a blanket fort over his workspace, saying it was for privacy. But in reality, he was secretly growing a small marijuana farm inside it. This strange secret was only found out after he suddenly stopped coming to work.

7. The Reboot Mystery

A perplexing case where a server rebooted daily at precisely 4:45 am, baffling the IT team. The mysterious cause? A diligent cleaning crew member who routinely unplugged the server to power a vacuum cleaner, then conscientiously plugged it back in. This revelation came after months of futile troubleshooting.

8. The Outage Misunderstanding

On a critical sales day, the power went out, and the Sales Vice President (VP) wrongly criticized the IT team for not providing wireless network access. The VP mistakenly thought that wireless access could have prevented the problems caused by the outage. This story highlights a lack of understanding about how technology, specifically wireless networks, depends on electricity to function, even among high-ranking professionals. It serves as a funny example of the gaps in technical knowledge that can exist in the corporate world.

9. The Case of the Disappearing Desktop Icons

An IT support professional received a panicked call from a user, claiming that all their desktop icons had mysteriously disappeared. The IT worker remotely accessed the user's computer, only to find that the desktop was indeed empty. After some probing questions, it turned out that the user had accidentally hit the "Show Desktop Icons" option by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting 'View'. The IT professional guided the user to re-enable the icons, which promptly "reappeared" to the user's amazement and relief. This story is often shared to highlight how sometimes the simplest settings can confound users, leading to humorous situations in tech support.

We hope these stories brought a smile to your face. Remember, in the world of IT, sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Have a great day and see you soon!

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