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From LTO 7 to LTO 14: The Lasting Relevance of LTO Tape Storage and Smart Savings Tips

We are big fans of tape storage technology. LTO 7 tapes were a significant milestone with their high storage capacity and fast transfer rates, making them a preferred choice for large-scale data backups and archiving. But the journey didn't stop there. LTO technology has continued to evolve, with LTO 8 offering even greater capacities, and the latest generation, LTO 9, providing up to 45 TB of compressed storage capacity. the LTO program's roadmap is especially exciting, showing plans up to LTO 14. This future generation is expected to offer an amazing 1.44 PB (petabytes) of compressed capacity per tape. This enormous capacity will help administrators keep pace with the rapidly growing data storage needs.

Why LTO Tapes Remain Relevant

The Ideal Solution for Ransomware Protection

In the face of increasing cyber threats like ransomware, LTO tapes offer a secure and reliable backup solution. Their offline nature provides an essential air gap, increasing data security against such threats. This makes them an ideal choice for organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity measures.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

We'll talk about some saving options later on, but in general, LTO tapes are not only secure but also environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They offer a lower cost per gigabyte of storage compared to other systems and have a lower carbon footprint due to reduced electricity usage. This makes them an attractive option for businesses looking to minimize their environmental impact while efficiently managing their data.

Consistent Form Factor and Backward Compatibility

One of the key benefits of LTO tapes is their consistent form factor and backward compatibility with previous generations. This feature ensures an easy integration of new LTO generations into existing storage infrastructures, making it easier for businesses to upgrade without replacing the chassis.

Meeting the Challenges of Exponential Data Growth

As global data volumes continue to grow exponentially, LTO tape technology provides an effective solution for managing this surge. Its scalability and high-capacity storage capabilities make it well-suited for handling the data demands of both today and tomorrow.

A Smart and Cost-Effective Alternative: Refurbished LTO Drives

Upgrading your LTOs can still be quite challenging for two main reasons. Firstly, there's the cost of newer versions of LTOs. Secondly, there's the issue of availability, as the OEM often discontinues them fairly quickly - known as End Of Sale (EOS) or End Of Life (EOL). If you're facing either of these challenges, choosing refurbished LTO drives is a smart and economical choice.

Our refurbished LTO drives, available across the EU, provide a reliable and budget-friendly option. With up to a 5-year warranty and the option to test before you pay, there's no risk involved. Feel free to contact us for pricing information.

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