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Read this if you are planning to build a crypto mining rig

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Crypto mining can be still a very profitable business, but if you really want to maximize your profits and control almost every aspect of it, you'll need to build your own mining rig.

Fortunately, building a typical PC and a crypto mining rig is pretty similar, the only difference is the need of some spezialized hardware and software.


Before you start with your mining project, make sure that you set your goals and budget, because building a crypto mining rig these days can be very pricy.

You'll need a good amount of capital to start, the highest costs are the individual hardware components, as well as the power for keeping your systems running all the time.

We put together a short summary on the required components for you:

Motherboard: you'll need a special kind of motherboard designed for cryptocurrency mining, such as ASUS' B250 Mining Expert which allows for more than two graphics cards to be connected. Also, the B250 mining expert board can fit 19 GPUs and as you know, the more GPUs you have, the more coins you can mine. This motherboard is quite expensive, so there are cheaper alternatives too, but always consider the stability of your system und pick wisely.

CPU: try to get CPUs with the most cores, threads and L3 cache, for example AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 3970X. This is one of the best mining CPUs out there, with 32 ocores, 64 threads and 144 MB of L3 cache onboard. If you have to keep your budget tight, get a low-cost Intel Pentium Gold-6400.

RAM, Storage, PCIe Riser: don't even think about RAM under 16 GB (DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5). About the storage, it's quite easy, get the best 1 TB SSD or HDD you can find. Risers'll allow you to connect as many grapics cards as possible into your mining rig, so the graphics cards don't need to be plugged directly into the motherboard which provides a stable power delivery.

Graphics Cards: try to find a card that offers an excellent balance between unit price, power consumption and crypto mining performance. NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti could be a good choice, it's still not as powerful as a 3090 or 3080 in terms of mining, but it can still yield you the most profits while consuming a manageable amount of power. For tight budget the recommendation is NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super or the older AMD RX 580 (the 8 GB model especially).

Power Supply: a crypto mining rig'll consume a lot of power. A good PSU can supply your hardware with stable power and keep down your costs as much as possible. Depending on your rig system, you might need multiple PSUs. The most important criterias to pick the right ones are: 80 Plus Dolg efficiency; Capacity at least 2x higher than what you actually need (for 50-60% load); rplle lower than 50 Mv at +12 V; excellent fan quality; enough power connectors.

Software Steup: you'll need to set up your cryptocurrency mining rig's software depending on your plan. We recommend CGMiner, BFGMiner, MultiMiner or Awesome Miner.

If you are looking for hardware components for your mining rig, send us a request:

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