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Maximizing IT Performance While Staying on Budget: A 2023 Guide to Strategic Hardware Upgrades

Ever felt like you just finished a hardware upgrade project, and then something new comes up right away: faster speeds, more storage, better performance, etc.?You are not alone!

In the ever-changing IT landscape, businesses often struggle to keep up with the newest technologies and demands. Solid, fast, and reliable server hardware isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must. But chasing the latest tech can hit the wallet hard and isn’t always great for our planet either. Here at, we’ve got a different approach for you. It’s all about moving forward with tech, but also keeping it budget-friendly and eco-conscious: say hello to refurbished server parts.

Your system (or budget) might not be ready for a complete refresh, but understanding the current options and opportunities on the market is crucial. Even if IT infrastructure isn't normally a top priority, when the system starts lagging and you run out of storage space, you might start scratching your head: how can I max out my capabilities? What are the latest technology specs in memory, network speeds, drive size, and CPU speeds? For this reason, we've put together a short overview of the latest technology specs available in 2023.

The following list is completely OEM neutral. If you need more specific details, please get in touch with us.

The Largest DIMMs: Memory Upgrades

Most IT professionals consider a memory upgrade first, since it's typically an easy and quick project. If the older systems are slowing down, you can simply add DIMMs to the open slots without having to remove or exchange any other hardware, but replacing the existing ones isn't a big deal either.

Currently, the largest DIMM is 512GB, but in most data centers, the 32GB or 64GB DIMM versions are totally enough for an upgrade.

Network Speed

There's a buzz around the future of networking capabilities with the emergence of Terabit connections, the new heavy-hitters in the networking realm, boasting speeds 10X faster than the usual 100GbE connection. While Terabit connections aren’t broadly available yet, being primarily in the research phase, the potential for bandwidth and throughput is mind-blowing.

In the meantime, the peak network connection speed readily available stands at 800 GbE. A lot of data centers operate smoothly with a 400GbE connection, and 100GbE is also a common sight. For those with tighter budgets or lesser needs, a 10GbE connection might be just enough.

Storage Upgrades (HDD, SSD)

Choosing the right hard drive upgrades depends on your data needs. If you're running low on space and need to store data you don't use very often, high-capacity spinning disks might be a good choice. If you want the best performance and quick access to your data, consider a solid-state drive. Usually, your budget is the main obstacle when upgrading hard drives.

Right now, the biggest spinning hard drive you can buy is 22TB, but 32TB drives potentially already on the market.

SSDs can reach up to a massive 100TB, although they might be hard to find for most of us.

CPU / Processor Upgrades

Since updating a CPU can cost a lot, it might not be your first choice for upgrades unless you really need it for a specific application or use that requires it. Understanding how your current tech compares to the latest specs can help you plan your next upgrades better.

As of 2023, the quickest processor available hits 6.0GHz, but most folks will find processors in the 2 - 4GHz range to be plenty fast for their needs.


Ensuring that parts work well together is vital. Just as a book lover might struggle to live harmoniously with a drum player, computer parts need to be compatible to operate smoothly. Always keep your current system and upgrade goals in mind. Sometimes, opting for the biggest or fastest new part isn’t necessarily the best or even a feasible choice. At, we’re here to navigate these challenges with you. We supply premium quality refurbished parts to enhance your server and storage systems, ensuring compatibility, boosting performance, and respecting your budget. Let’s ensure your next upgrade hits all the right notes!

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