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Everything you need to know about the NVIDIA Ampere A100, PCIe, 300W, 80GB Passive, Double Wide, Full Height GPU

Technical Details

  • Interface: PCIe

  • Power Consumption: 300W

  • Memory: 80GB HBM2e

  • Cooling Design: Passive

  • Form Factor: Double Wide, Full Height

  • Architecture: NVIDIA Ampere

  • Memory Capacity: Doubled from previous versions to 80GB

  • Compatibility: PCIe for broad server and workstation use, no NVLink required

  • Energy Efficiency: High performance per watt for data center energy savings

  • Server Environment: Designed for high-density, passive cooling through server airflow

  • Compute Cores: 6912 CUDA cores, 432 Tensor cores

  • Compute Performance: Accelerates a wide range of tasks much faster than CPUs

  • MIG Technology: Supports partitioning into up to seven independent GPUs for flexible, cost-effective use

Applications and Implementations

The A100 excels in various domains:

  • AI and Deep Learning: Accelerates training and inference, turning days of model training into hours. This speedup facilitates rapid prototyping and testing, improve the pace of AI advancements.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): Powers through data-intensive tasks like climate simulations and genomic sequencing, enabling faster discoveries and innovations.

  • Data Analytics: Its significant memory and processing capabilities allow real-time insights from large datasets, aiding more informed decision-making processes.

  • Graphics Rendering: Benefits graphics-heavy tasks such as 3D rendering and VR, shortening rendering times and improving development workflows.

Practical Tips for Implementations

  • Assess Compatibility: Verify that your infrastructure can support the A100's specifications to ensure seamless integration.

  • Leverage NVIDIA's Software Ecosystem: Utilize NVIDIA's tools like CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT to fully harness the A100's capabilities, simplifying application development and optimization.

  • Plan for Scalability: Use the A100's MIG feature for efficient resource allocation, ideal for environments with varying workload demands.

  • Stay Eco-Conscious: While deploying the A100, aim for workload and infrastructure optimizations that advance sustainability efforts, capitalizing on its energy efficiency.

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